• Save Dehradun Tea Estate; Legacy of yesterday and opportunity tomorrow

    What is a smart city ?

    As India moves on to the stage of urbanization smart cities would play an important role to define the face of modern India. Our Prime Minister vision is to recast India’s urban landscape. Urban population numbers are increasing rapidly, with almost half of India’s population projected to live in cities

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  • Revival of water springs at Himalayas

    Revival of natural water sources

    Project Goal: Reviving dying springs in Himalayas: groundwater recharge using geo-hydrology and local technology. In the Himalayas, glaciers and rivers are hailed as the life source of water. Mountain springs emanating naturally from unconfined aquifers are the primary source of water for rural households in the Himalayan region. With mountain

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  • Village Das Juala Kandei, Rudraprayag

    Making of GIC, Das Juala Kandei

    June 16th and 17th will always be remembered as the days when nature unleashed its fury on the hilly state of Uttarakhand. Apart from homes, many schools were destroyed or damaged, and children have been unable to continue their education for quite some time. In the wake of the floods,

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  • An eco-friendly celebration gives you full freedom to have unlimited fun as well pleasure of protecting nature. Such celebration also allows you to save money on harmful colors and other irrelevant products. It does not mean that you have to celebrate this festival of colors without colors.

    Eco Friendly Green Holi

    Ideally, the joyous festival of holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring while the colours used in holi are used to reflect the various hues of spring season. But unfortunately in modern times, holi does not stand for all beautiful things. Like other festivals, holi has also become

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  • Dehradun my valentine, preserve Dehradun,

    Dehradun My Valentine

    Valentine Day is a day when love is in the air, it is a day of celebration of love. The day is extremely popular amongst youth of today where they openly express their love for their loved ones. Gandhi Park, 14th Feb: Day when few youngsters of Dehradun decided to

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  • DSC_1970

    ‘Dehradun My Valentine’

    DO YOU REALLY MISS THOSE DAYS OF OLD DOON?? Love for the planet begins with love for our hometown. We have been blessed to have Dehradun as our hometown. As we have grown, we’ve seen our home Dehradun grow over the years as well. And for a lot of us, who

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