‘Volunteers don’t just do the work ~ they make it work.

Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide. Volunteerism strengthens—and is strengthened by—trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and it can transform the pace and nature of development. Volunteerism is purposeful, creating opportunities for citizens to participate in development. Through volunteerism, more people participate in development, and at all levels of society, which empowers them and gives them a personal stake in their country’s future. While the end result of all of this philanthropic activity may have been something that serves a greater good, in all cases, the volunteer gains something valuable from the experience as well: being part of a community, enjoying a cleaner park, spending time outdoors with family, keeping skills sharp, networking, learning more about nonprofit governance, and so on. In fact, volunteering can be a great way to develop skills, learn more about career options, make friends, garner new professional contacts, get exercise, spend time outdoors/with animals/with kids, or even just shake up your routine.

Over the 5 years, that this organization has been operating, we have seen many milestones. Three highly successful awareness campaigns ( Adopt a Plant, Carry your Bag, Anti-polythene Campaign) and many major initiatives like Green Ward 38, Signature Drive for enforcement of polythene ban, Green Diwali, etc. are but a few of the highlights of our organization since its humble beginnings. In addition our movement has grown from working in a handful of areas in improving environmental health to now covering over thousands of citizens from all walks of life. Volunteers have played a significant role in each of our milestones by contributing time, skills, enthusiasm and passion in all that they do. Volunteers have served in a variety of capacities in growing our organization. They have served to organize and implement a number of events, acted as part of steering committees, been public advocates within the community and of course acted as guides to the increasing youth power of Dehradun. The work of our organization has been greatly extended through volunteer service into areas that, otherwise, could not be considered because of limited resources. We are grateful for all that our volunteers do and look forward to continued growth and relationship in the coming years.

 Values for UTF Volunteer Involvement:

Volunteer involvement is vital to a just and democratic society.

• It fosters civic responsibility, participation and interaction.

 Volunteer involvement strengthens communities.

• It promotes change and development by identifying and responding to Dehradun’s needs.

 Volunteer involvement mutually benefits both the volunteer and the organization.

  • It increases the capacity of UTF to accomplish their goals, and provides volunteers with opportunities to develop and contribute.

 Volunteer involvement is based on relationships. Share great experience with other UTF volunteers.

  • Volunteers are expected to act with integrity and be respectful and responsive to others with whom they interact.


Be a Volunteer

UTF is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide. We are looking for compassionate and caring individuals who want to make a difference help us bring a new level of environmental awareness to Uttarakhand.

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