Project Revival:

Through ‘Project Revival’, UTF plans to strengthen school infrastructure in calamity struck rural Uttarakhand as the principal portal of learning with the provision of necessary information and institutional support.

UTF would pursue to bring change in the existing mindset. We would promote a positive culture and provide environment that would lead to major restructuring of education and its reconstruction in the coming years, which alone can re-invent the schools as the abode of learning centers.

The project consists of supporting the schools from re-construction of the facilities to creating a smart class system to encourage children to explore. Some of the major initiatives planned in the next 12 months are as follows:

  • School Reconstruction
  • Supply teaching aids and art supplies
  • Setup library with magazine subscriptions
  • Procure furniture for the schools
  • Funds for after-school programs
  • Scholarships for poor students
  • Solar Power
  • Playground restoration and assist the local community effort.

 U Turn Foundation realizes through its experience that “knowledge shared through awareness and continuous pursuance is the key to social change”. The intention of its members is to utilize this opportunity to motivate the community in appreciating the importance of sending their children to school especially the girl child. UTF would motivate the young boys and girls to believe that nothing is impossible if they work hard.

The project goal will be fulfilled by ensuring that children from rural Uttarakhand will get higher education with an aim to find suitable livelihood which would have a positive impact on socioeconomic development of the area.

UTF aims to help address the learning crisis for rural children of Uttarakhand. The immediate need is to address the high demand for quality education in the rural commune of Uttarakhand through constructing schools equipped with basic amenities, facilities and services in response to requests received from the local communities, the school administrations and Parents-Teachers Associations of numerous schools in rural Uttarakhand,

Strategy of Implementation

To accomplish its objectives, UTF has formulated a strategy based on its experiences during construction of Government Inter College at Agstyamuni and a series of discussion with the local community, school and district administration, baseline data review followed by suggestion from the experts.

Phase # 1: Construction of schools including classrooms, science and computer laboratory preferably a sustainable and comprehensive prefabricated structure for the existing strength of students and the staff members.

Phase # 2 shall cover landscaping of the school compound, which shall comprise the ensuing:

  • Strategic plantation of fruit bearing and ornamental trees
  • Construction of tables and benches using recycled and locally available material
  • Layout of the school field
  • Other utility items using locally available material.

Phase # 3 will cover the supply and establishment of basic amenities, facilities and services as:

  • Furniture & fixtures
  • Solar water heaters & lights
  • Computers & related hardware plus networking
  • Science laboratory equipment
  • Library & stationary
  • Sports goods

 Phase # 4 Observations of U Turn Foundation team leads to the importance of following:

  • Environmental awareness, Hygiene and sanitation drives
  • Activities propagating child development programs
  • Advance computer training programs
  • Rainwater harvesting

Phase# 5: U Turn Foundation wishes to help in fostering entrepreneurial spirit among students while realizing students dream, if they wish to be economically independent so that they become job creators rather than job seekers. By identifying the area of skill interest at an early stage, we will then work upon honing and improving that particular skill set among the students so that they do not lose out in the competitive economic environment. Our present education system also does not create a sense of community and the ideas of education, democracy and community development have been completely alienated from each other rather than working harmoniously. What we required now in rural area is a profound education that not only gives knowledge to the students but also a real mean of success in the future. Students will be exposed to the real world context in which they will learn the technologies and ways to make their villages into smart villages. They will develop the concrete skills, they will need to plan and operate an entrepreneurial venture successfully.

UTF will invite the donor representatives and members of the government to carry out their own independent evaluation after the completion of the project. Continuous monitoring of the project will be conducted by the UTF executive and representatives from the potential sponsor to ensure that the project achieves its goals and objectives as set out in this proposal.

Impact/Expected Results

  •  Creation of model education facilities with better access to sanitation, water, playing facilities, libraries, computer centers and a more welcoming and learning environment.
  • Reduction in absenteeism and fresh enrolment of students catalyzes the growth in strength. Increase in number of students and creating enthusiasm in them through an innovative technique of learning through visual aids thus making school education an interactive experience in the college.
  • Improvement in project design through feedback provided from baseline, mid-term, terminal and ex-post evaluations.
  • The awareness levels of the village community towards education will increase. Special sessions or classes would be conducted for the parents to make them realize the significance of education for their children resulting in better ambience for education.
  • Creation of a healthy education competition by appreciating the efforts of students, scholarships either in the form of gifts or books can be given to students who perform well in the class.
  • An environmental-based experiential curriculum with a positive development focus would help youth reclaim their learning process and reconnect with their communities. The curriculum would accompany education related to water conservation, water recycling, local flora and fauna, scientific farming, rainwater harvesting, etc.
  • Start of activities propagating child development plans including annual career counseling programs exposing and guiding the students to new horizons.
  • Teachers would be motivated and would be made to feel proud that by teaching in the rural or remote area they are acting as a helping hand in the development of economy by facilitating teachers doing good work in the college.
  • Specialized and accelerated training programs in IT by hired staff/volunteers of U Turn foundation.
  • Annual career counseling programs exposing and guiding the students to new horizons.
  • Sports facilities and specialized training would be provided for budding talents.
  • Other supporting activities for a well rounded education.

U Turn Foundation continues to work consistently with the local community, administration and education department in its capacity to continuously provide services where possible and necessary. U Turn Foundation is working with local communities and school administration / staff to develop the capacity of individuals in order to play an active role in governance and delivery of set objectives. Principal, Teachers, Parents and teachers association (PTA) are actively involved to act as information routers to ensure the schools’ future sustainability.