Carry your Bag

 While the Govt. has instituted statuettes to ban the use of polythene bags, execution of this law (as is the case for most legislation) has been lost in transition.

Demand controls the supply. So to control the supply of polythene we have to cut down on it’s demand ( in simple word stop asking for polythene). And before we stop asking for polythene we need to have a substitute with us and the best substitute is a Cloth Bag. Has anyone thought what was being used to bring groceries from the market before polythene bags came into existence?.

We have started “Carry your Bag” Campaign in Dehradun. Just imagine if 1 out of 100 people in Dehradun cuts down on usage of 5 polythene bags per day as a result of cloth bags then that would amount to a reduced demand of 100000 poly bags every day.  This calculation is our motivation in pursuing “Carry your Bag” Campaign. We have started collecting unused cloths (strong enough to carry decent weight) from our members and volunteers. We are making bags out of these clothes. Sewing these bags will generate income for a family in Dehradun and they can be obtained thorugh us for a nominal price of Rs 10 per piece.

The Foundation’s teams is visiting local markets explaining the public the harm of polythene bags and urging them to use cloth bags contributing towards protecting the earth. The Foundation has distributed thousands of free cloth bags to the general public in shopping areas all around Dehradun.

Just remember to ‘Carry your Bag’ whenever you go shopping and think about the calculation and you would be carrying the campaign ahead.