Dehradun is one of the oldest cities in India and became the capital of Uttarakhand after its formation in the year 2000. Since then there has been rapid development at the cost of deterioration of the valley’s environment. After becoming the capital the population has increased tenfold. There was extreme pressure on the existing infrastructure which was not designed to cater to the huge influx of population. Many trees were cut down to allow real estate boom as lots of high rises occupied the scenery. The greenery which was a part of Doon has since been destroyed. Commercialization has led to massive pollution with excess use of plastics. Due to inadequate arrangement of resources by the municipality, proper disposal of plastic wastes has become a great nuisance.

U Turn Foundation has been inspiring positive change by connecting citizens of Dehradun, from all walks of life, with environmental issues that affects their daily lives in their homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods.

To counter this threat, U Turn Foundation has introduced several campaigns involving the local populace with grass root issues. Campaigns such as “Green Diwali”, “Beyond Valentine”, “Chemical free Holi” and “Christmas for Trees” bear testimony to the fact that the Foundation devised unique steps to connect Doonites to “Preserve Green Doon” movement.