• Any Body Can project: Children's Day celebrations 2017

    Any Body Can project: Children’s Day celebrations 2017

    ABC (Any Body Can) project represents U Turn Foundation’s efforts towards providing a stable and sustainable platform for natural skill development of the less fortunate children of Dehradun. Our efforts are concentrated in the slums of Dehradun located on the banks of Rispana river. Here it is pertinent to note that 26% of Dehradun’s population […]

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  • Voting campaign

    Voting campaign organised by U Turn Foundation

    The voting percentage in India has declined due to passive role of voters in recent times. U Turn Foundation felt a need to make the people aware of their voting rights and to motivate them to vote. In year 2012 UTF participated in voting awareness campaign organized by Dehradun District Administration. The foundation was felicitated […]

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  • U Turn has been celebrating special occasions with neglected sections of the society

    Christmas Celebrations with senior citizens

    The volunteers of U Turn Foundation gathered at Prem Dham Old Age Home today to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the senior citizens. The elders were full of enthusiasm and cheerfully welcomed the volunteers. Cakes, children and Christmas gifts made the day special for 34 senior citizens of Prem Dham. Equally delighted were volunteers […]

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  • Children day celebration at town hall

    U Turn Foundation organized Children’s Day event

    Celebrating the spirit of childhood, U Turn Foundation organized Children’s Day event at Town Hall Dehradun. The objective of the event was to spread awareness on problems of girl child and showcasing the talent of less privileged section of Dehradun. The event was inaugurated by a folk dance by performers of Mahila Jagaran Samiti lead […]

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  • U Turn Foundation Day

    8th U Turn Foundation Day

    U Turn Foundation celebrated its 8th foundation day on 31st October with marginalized section of Dehradun. Members of U Turn Foundation gathered at Lower Deep Nagar Basti to share the sparkle of joy in their lives during the Foundation celebrations. The volunteers of U Turn Foundation spent quality time with children and families, sharing with […]

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  • U Tun Foundation diwali

    U Turn Foundation Celebrates Diwali at Prem Dham Old Age home

    Joy of Diwali celebrations shared at Prem Dham Old Age home . Spending time with them was an emotional experience for all of us. They were very happy and gave their blessings to the team. During the interactions they also expressed their concern about the harmful effects of excessive use of crackers during the festival […]

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  • Any Body can Initiative poster release

    U Turn Foundation arranges Judiciary-People interaction

    U Turn Foundation has been consistently working in the underprivileged areas of Dehradun with an aim to make a long lasting ifference in the lives of underprivileged section of Dehradun. To help the needy section of society UTF has been organising various activities from Any Body Can project to awareness drives for prevention of dengue. […]

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  • Preserve green doon

    यु टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा हरिपुर नवादा में वृक्षारोपण

    दिनांक १३ अगस्त २०१६ को यु टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा हरिपुर नवादा में वृक्षारोपण किया गयाIजिसमे नवादा के लोगो ने बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा लिया एवं यु टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा वृक्ष बांटे गयेI रा.प्राथमिक विद्यालय नवादा में बच्चो के साथ मिलकर स्कूल प्रांगन में वृक्षारोपण किया गयाI यु टर्न फाउंडेशन पहले भी देहरादून क्षेत्र में हरित दून […]

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  • Dengue campaign

    Awareness drive at slums of Deep Nagar for prevention of dengue

    U Turn Foundation has been dedicatedly working to coordinate with authorities for controlling the alarming rise of dengue disease in Dehradun. In the past UTF team had regular meetings and discussions with District Magistrate and SMO, Dehradun Municipal Corporation for combating the disease. It was also brought to the notice of the officials that maximum […]

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  • say no to tobacco and yes to life

    No Tobacco awareness on ‘Anti Tobacco Day’ for underprivileged children of slum areas of Dehradun.

    U Turn Foundation organised its second workshop under the ABC initiative in association with the District Judiciary for 40 children and their parents on the harms of smoking and chewing tobacco at lower Deep nagar,Rispana River Bank.There were various activities organised in order to take the message strongly to children on the No Tobacco awareness […]

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  • Any Body Can Initiative

    Press Release: Any Body Can initiative at Deep Nagar, Rispana bank, D.Dun

    Subject:  ‘Any Body Can’ initiative for identification and enhancement of talents of underprivileged children of slum areas of Dehradun. As per the data 26% of population of Dehradun resides in slum areas. Profound poverty, competition for scarce resources, disease, conflict, addictions and lack of educational opportunities put these children at extreme risk for illiteracy, illness, […]

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  • An eco-friendly celebration gives you full freedom to have unlimited fun as well pleasure of protecting nature. Such celebration also allows you to save money on harmful colors and other irrelevant products. It does not mean that you have to celebrate this festival of colors without colors.

    Eco Friendly Green Holi

    Ideally, the joyous festival of holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring while the colours used in holi are used to reflect the various hues of spring season. But unfortunately in modern times, holi does not stand for all beautiful things. Like other festivals, holi has also become ruthlessly commercialized, boisterous and another […]

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  • Green Force, Youth Voluntary group of U Turn Foundation, Dehradun

    ‘Dehradun My Valentine’

    DO YOU REALLY MISS THOSE DAYS OF OLD DOON?? Love for the planet begins with love for our hometown. We have been blessed to have Dehradun as our hometown. As we have grown, we’ve seen our home Dehradun grow over the years as well. And for a lot of us, who move to other cities to […]

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  • carry your bag

    Carry Your Bag Campaign

    As polythene ban drive in Dehradun is slowing down, Green Force would be carrying on with its mission of ‘Polythene Free Dehradun’ with full rigour. Green Force would be raiding the Araghar Vegetable Market with an aim for sensitizing locals on importance of carrying cloth/jute bags for shopping and to say no to polythene. Green […]

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  • do not litter, keep your city clean, clean and green doon

    Anti Littering campaign

    No one likes to live where there is litter. Neighborhoods with a litter problem usually have lower property values and less pride in their neighborhood. Litter begets litter. A place that is littered tends to encourage more litter. So, the quicker dropped litter is picked up, the less chance it has of accumulating. To carry […]

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