• Any Body Can project: Children's Day celebrations 2017

    Any Body Can project: Children’s Day celebrations 2017

    ABC (Any Body Can) project represents U Turn Foundation’s efforts towards providing a stable and sustainable platform for natural skill development of the less fortunate children of Dehradun. Our efforts are concentrated in the slums of Dehradun located on the banks of Rispana river. Here it is pertinent to note that 26% of Dehradun’s population […]

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  • Voting campaign

    Voting campaign organised by U Turn Foundation

    The voting percentage in India has declined due to passive role of voters in recent times. U Turn Foundation felt a need to make the people aware of their voting rights and to motivate them to vote. In year 2012 UTF participated in voting awareness campaign organized by Dehradun District Administration. The foundation was felicitated […]

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  • U Turn has been celebrating special occasions with neglected sections of the society

    Christmas Celebrations with senior citizens

    The volunteers of U Turn Foundation gathered at Prem Dham Old Age Home today to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the senior citizens. The elders were full of enthusiasm and cheerfully welcomed the volunteers. Cakes, children and Christmas gifts made the day special for 34 senior citizens of Prem Dham. Equally delighted were volunteers […]

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  • Children day celebration at town hall

    U Turn Foundation organized Children’s Day event

    Celebrating the spirit of childhood, U Turn Foundation organized Children’s Day event at Town Hall Dehradun. The objective of the event was to spread awareness on problems of girl child and showcasing the talent of less privileged section of Dehradun. The event was inaugurated by a folk dance by performers of Mahila Jagaran Samiti lead […]

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  • U Turn Foundation Day

    8th U Turn Foundation Day

    U Turn Foundation celebrated its 8th foundation day on 31st October with marginalized section of Dehradun. Members of U Turn Foundation gathered at Lower Deep Nagar Basti to share the sparkle of joy in their lives during the Foundation celebrations. The volunteers of U Turn Foundation spent quality time with children and families, sharing with […]

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  • Health hazards issue

    राजपुर रोड में होटल द्वारा सीवरेज पानी के निर्वहन को रोकना

    दिनांक २७/८/२०१६ को यु टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा शेहेर में बढती गंदगी एवं होटल द्वारा मुख्य राजपुर रोड में गंदा पानी बहना, नालियों पर सीवरेज पानी के निर्वहन के लिए एवं डेंगू के लिए मलीन बस्तियों में यु टी अफ द्वारा डेंगू जागरूकता अभियान चलाया जायेगा विषय में वरिष्ठ चिकित्सा अधिकारी श्री कैलाश गुन्जियाल जी के […]

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  • Dengue awareness Program

    डेंगू बिमारी के बचाव के लिए जागरूकता शिविर

    जैसा कि आपको ज्ञात है कि यु टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा डेंगू के बड़ते हुए प्रकोप को रोकने के लिए प्रयास किये जा रहे है एवं इसके लिए यू टर्न की टीम जिलाधिकारी एवं वरिष्ट चिकित्सा अधिकारी,नगर निगम से लगातार मीटिंग कर इस बिमारी को रोकने के लिए मलिन बस्तियों में जागरूकता अभियान चलाने का अपने […]

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  • Dengue issues

    U Turn Foundation is organizing awareness drives at slums of Dehradun for educating public for ways for prevention of dengue disease.

    Press Release: U Turn Foundation is quiet concerned with rise of dengue at Dehradun and continuously coordinating with District Magistrate and Senior Medical Officer, Dehradun Municipal Council to prevent the latest threat to the health of citizens of Dehradun. It has been noticed that maximum cases are being reported from less privileged areas of Dehradun. […]

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  • Mr. R.V. Gardner, Principal, St. Thomas College

    Oxygen ka Ghotala play as part of St’ Thomas College’s centenary celebrations by underprivileged children of Any Body Can Project

    It was a great day for the children of slums of Deep Nagar as they presented an environmental satire play ‘Oxygen ka Ghotala’ (Oxygen’s scandal) in front of an audience of 1600. Among the audience were children of Hari Om Ashram, Shri Shraddhanand Bal Vinita Ashram, Principal R.V. Gardner, teachers and students of St’ Thomas […]

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  • Any body can initiative

    ABCI Seventh Workshop

    To empower the children of slums of Dehradun U Turn Foundation started ‘Any Body Can’ project. U Turn Foundation has been organizing workshops for talent identification and development of these children. U Turn Foundation believes that children from all section of society should get the equal opportunities for growth. They should have enough mediums to […]

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  • slum children wants to be successful in their life as other children

    Any Body Can’ initiative sixth Workshop

    Considering that approximately 27% of population of Dehradun resides in slum areas, it is of paramount importance that these slum dwellers are not neglected from future scheme of things as Dehradun applies for Smart City status. With no access to clean water or toilets, living conditions in the slums are unhygienic and hazardous. As the […]

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  • Acting team-slum children

    The 5th workshop of ABC initiative was organised under the expert guidance of Manoj Ranswal, theatre Actor/Director

    In Dehradun more than 26% of population is residing in slum areas. Considering that majority of slum population are children, the future of the slums rests in the hands of the young generations. With this belief, U Turn foundation targets to establish Any Body Can talent development centre (school for slum children) that will nature […]

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  • yoga with slum kids

    Yoga day camp for slum dwellers

    Press Release Date: 21st June, 2016 Subject: Yoga day camp for slum dwellers Last year on International Yoga Day, U Turn Foundation started its yoga program from Forest Research Institute. Since then, U Turn Foundation has been organizing camps in Dehradun to promote Yoga among fellow citizens. On the occasion of 2nd International Yoga Day, […]

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  • slum children

    यू टर्न फाउंडेशन ने लगायी कार्यशाला

    यू टर्न फाउंडेशन ने १८  जून २०१६  को दीप नगर मलिन बस्ती के बच्चो के लिए एनी बॉडी कैन वर्कशॉप का आयोजन किया . थिएटर कलाकार मनोज रंस्वाल  ने बच्चो को विस्तार से एक्टिंग की जानकारी दी . बच्चो में भी एक्टिंग की तमन्ना जागी और कुछ बच्चो ने एक्टिंग में अपना भविष्य बनाने का […]

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  • anti tobacco day

    यू टर्न फाउंडेशन द्वारा मलिन बस्ती में नशामुक्ति शिविर लगाया गया

    किशोरावस्था में सिगरेट या बीडी को मुह में लगते ही व्यक्ति स्वास्थय सम्बन्धी कई जोखिम भी साथ ले लेता है .इतना ही नही ,पैसिव स्मोकिंग या सेकंड हैण्ड स्मोकिंग भी उतनी ही समस्याए पैदा करती है ,जितनी धुम्रपान करने वाले को हो सकती है .यू टर्न फाउंडेशन ने लोअर दीप नगर स्तिथ मलिन बस्ती में […]

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