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Experience, learning and skills, that you could use to support UTF.

UTF norms that a volunteer should adhere to:

1 No cash donations may be collected by any volunteer. As far as possible, motivate people to send
their donations via Cheques/DDs directly to UTF.
2 Volunteers are not permitted to use UTF stationery as their own.
3 All UTF literature will be developed by UTF. Any modifications must have UTF’s prior approval.
4 Volunteers may not release any material pertaining to UTF, in the media (TV/
radio/magazines/newspapers/newsletters etc.), without seeking UTF’s prior approval.
5 All UTF activities should be coordinated through the contact point in UTF. Please do not directly
interface on projects, and with other departments of UTF.
6 Volunteers wishing to visit any UTF project, to please allow at least 2 months notice. All related costs
(travel, local travel, boarding and lodging etc) to be borne by them.