Project Green Ward 38 :

We are pleased to announce that Ward no. 38 would be the first Green Ward of Dehradun.

Project Green Ward 38 aims to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly green space for the local community. It seeks to strengthen the foundations for growth through tangible (growth of plants and flowers) and intangible (growth of interpersonal relationship in the community) aspects.

In addition to encouraging the planting of healthy food through collaborative activities, the Green Ward 38 is seeking  to promote environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle. It is also revitalizing a sense of green community among neighbours and serving as a communal space for the local community to socialize.


Greenery was identified as a potential project theme as it offers the opportunity to address challenges of declining green space and increasing environmental degradation due to harmful effects of polythene waste. In deciding a suitable micro-level project, the team shortlisted two possible options (Tree Planting and Polythene Bags free Ward).The Green Ward 38 project was chosen because it had greater potential for serving as an example for other wards to follow.


Our project seeks to serve six broad objectives:


a. Contributions to the community. The project aims to beautify the surrounding environment and provide edible plants, herbs and flowers for the local community.

b. Sustainability. The project must be able to be cared for by the local community.

Money could also be generated to raise funds for maintaining the project.

c. Social Capital. The project aims to bring people together and to provide a community space for local residents.

d. Raising Environmental Awareness. The project aims to improve knowledge in the local community about environmental issues.

e. Planning for the Future Generation. The project should allow and facilitate the participation of children and youths.

f.) No usage of polythene bags. The project aims to complete removal of polythene bags usage by the local community.


Background of Ward No 38.


Ward 38 is spread in an area of 10 kms with a population of 5000+. The areas under Ward 38 includes Bannu School, Police line, A block, B block, C block, Officers Colony, etc. There are 50 shops in the area.


Project Schedule: The Green Ward 38 project is expected to last 27 weeks to implement.




Our activities aim to fulfill our project objectives. In addition to encouraging the planting of a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, the project also seeks to be financially sustainable, serve as a communal space for the local community and provide activities for children and youths to enjoy. Cloth bags are being distributed to replace polythene bags. We are spreading Door to Door environmental awareness. Drawing, Painting and Plays with theme of greenery are being organized in the schools under Ward 38.More than 400 trees have been planted in the area.




The Green Ward 38 project is estimated to cost Rs. 1,50,000 which is staged over seven months.



Green Force: The solution to our rapidly – developing environmental crisis is quite simple –     Youth Supremacy.

Young people have a unique relationship with the environment. They, more than any other generation, have been raised to feel a responsibility toward the environment. And that’s important because they will be the first generation in charge of correcting the problems caused by the widespread pollution of the atmosphere and rampant misappropriation of natural resources.

 Young people constitute a large part of the Uttarakhand’s population. Many, especially young children, are particularly vulnerable to environmental risks associated with, for example, access to hygienic living conditions. Future generations will also be affected by there decisions and the extent to which they have addressed concerns such as the depletion of resources, the loss of biodiversity and menace of plastic bags. Whatever we say but we know real change comes when the youth starts contributing something or the other towards society and we youngsters are optimistic of bringing better times for the future ones, so we have come up with this enthusiastic group of young members who have formed an army to fight against environmental degradation. An inspiring thought by Margaret Mead “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” and G Force is a group which has been built for this anticipated change. G Force is moving ahead gradually and making its impact for a new kind of “green revolution”. 

Green Force is working with complete dedication and they are making their presence felt by calling political leaders to account for the long-range environmental consequences of their decisions. Green Force is actively participating in practical environmental projects like ‘Adopt a Plant’, ‘Carry your Bag’, ‘Say No to Polythene Poster Campaign’. They are collecting signatures for implementation of our own Uttarakhand Non Biodegradable Garbage Control Act and spreading awareness about the polythene menace. Green Force is doing a great work of promoting environmental awareness simply because they have better access to information about the environment than do their elders. Because youth have a stronger awareness of the issues and a greater stake in long-term sustainability, the environment is one area in which they ought to take the lead. Green Force will always be engaged in new forms of action and activism that will generate effective responses to ecological challenges faced by Dehradun. You can check activities of Green Force at

Through ‘Green Force,’ we hope to encourage locals from all walks of life to personally commit to reducing climate and environmental pollution by switching to reusable carry bags and carry jute or cloth bags for shopping.

The youth of today possess different kinds of skills and talents. You are good, whether in stage performance or academics. You should use these gifts as a mean of communication to the masses. You must use up your talents in letting the nation become aware of this threatening occurrence in our environment. You should be creative enough for the sake of the future generations.

When gathered together by the power of unity, the youth can develop a strong force that can influence the people. With the unity of the youth together with the use of their talent as a mean of communication to the masses, we can surely recover our great Mother Earth.




(Value Added Products for Agricultural Sustainability)


Value Added Agricultural is a measure of adding value to the primary agricultural commodities. To give more value to the products it is naturally grown so it doesn’t lose its genetic value. The demography also sometime enhances the value of the product. Where the consumer now-a-days is paying less per dollar for the food, value added agriculture could be of more value to the farmer. In today’s global economy characterized by fierce competition, it is becoming extremely difficult for agricultural producers to focus solely on producing primary commodities and still expect to realize a decent standard of living. Adding value to agriculture is a logical way to stem the decline in farm income.

How it is done?

Value-added products are defined as follows:

A change in the physical state or form of the product (such as milling wheat into flour or making apples into jam).

The production of a product in a manner that enhances its value, as demonstrated through a business plan (such as organically produced products).

The physical segregation of an agricultural commodity or product in a manner that results in the enhancement of the value of that commodity or product (such as an identity preserved marketing system).


VAPAS is a new venture with a vision of opportunity and contacts for those who also may be interested in exploring the possibility. It aims not only the farm product but also the ecosystem to be enhanced and benefited. Farmers will share their perceptions about the opportunity and the industry.

Exposer of farmer to international market. Farmers will market their product gaining a higher profit margin internationally. The development of a good cooperative is one of the most satisfying works that any farm group can ever undertake. No longer will farmers be just the producers who are separated from their produce at the lowest possible price. They will be the processors and distributors and marketers. The people who raise the food will finally get adequate and stable income as a reward for their work in delivering to people, not only the best, but the cheapest food in the world.

U Turn Foundation is trying to assist rural women of Uttarakhand to bring their products to market and to access information about prices and market conditions. Starting a value-added agricultural business is an exciting opportunity for the rural mountain women interested in diversifying and exploring new markets.


Creating Value or Capturing Value. Regardless of whether you are creating value or capturing value, the bottom line is that you are adding to the value of the product.  Creating a value added product, such as soy nuts may offer a large margin of value that can be added. The created added-value product might provide a much greater profit margin – especially for a small-volume producer. However, processed product can reach more widely in the market. Capturing value often emphasizes attention to market competition and controlling production costs. Creating value requires new production techniques, product developments, services, market analysis and selling skill.

We are targeting the world market. Everyone today is talking about organic food. Coarse grain is the demand of the day. We aspire to be the very affordable organic-food basket for the global food marts. The itinerary is a long list of cereals, fruits and vegetables both processed and unprocessed.

The farm practice is done traditionally, where seeds are ultra-sun-dried and preserved in air –tight containers to give utmost nutritional value to the produce. A proper balance is managed between extraction and regeneration of natural resources from the mother-earth.  The effort is to preserve, protect and promote the natural resources of the Uttrakhand hills.

 Revolution is always brought from the grass root level. Hence, we have concentrated our highland farmer from Uttrakhand in this project. U Turn Foundation is working to lay a proper foundation between the highland farmers of Uttrakhand and the growing world economy so that they lay an imposing spot on the global market.

U Turn Foundation intends to integrate farming, education, and preservation within a community farm model.  It wants to spread awareness regarding the traditional method of farming the youth and create a learning program where youth will get opportunities to engage in direct exploration of the environment to learn about plant growth, food production and the natural world.

U Turn Foundation focuses not only farmers but the entire community who will be involved in this project. We look up for the proper education of the children and providing other amenities as medical-aids,etc.



Preserve Green Earth Music Concert – In the 5 million years of my age I have come across many a change that has affected me in many ways. I have seen the distinct species coming and playing on my womb and then their extinction, which has always left me in pain. But seeing the positive side of it I could say that with extinction I have seen many a new evolution that has occurred with time. The change is always good and is the law of the universe which I have always accepted. The fact is when I’d been crying over the treasure that I have lost from my womb; I was yet again filled with the joy of having something new in my fold. I had been so hot but the throb of life, so strong, was aspiring to come out of me made me calm and cool so I could give birth to many life forms to exist and dwell on me.

From a mere ball of revolving sand and dust, I became the earth which was capable of sustaining life. I considered myself as the most blessed of all the celestial bodies. I was rejuvenating all through these 5 million years flaunting my beauty and caress that only I was capable of. My whole being was full of life echoing as music through sound of streams, winds, and joy of bird’s songs enhancing the melody of life. And then came the creature, which from my point of view was most kind of all. I had expected it bring the music of love that had never been experienced on the entire universe

It had been all through a very exultant and peaceful co-existence, till one day my sons and daughters realized that they were better and above, the rest of the existence. I’ll call that the dooms day, since I’ve witnessed all the devastating changes come upon me. Then started the phase of development, which I see as the destruction that they had wrought onto me. My body was excavated, many explosion on my breast made me heave with sigh, I was in pain. The thunder and tremor, shivering and severe rain pour was what I had in answer. I tried to make them realize my pain, but they were blinded with their lust for more power. I wanted every creature to live in harmony but, this, they have always failed to understand. I reminded them with many jolts, harsh showers, intense drought that they are playing with the natural co-existence of the resources, which I wanted them to use till their posterity existed. The human tendency is too, greedy and myopic to the extent of blindness, as they can’t even see what they’ll live behind for the next generation.

Still, I am not furious or raged by what they are doing. I have not lost faith in my sons and daughters.        I still believe that humans are capable of bringing me out of pain of negligence. I still believe that Music of Love & Harmony will prevail over sound of destruction.

What could you do to re-ornate me?  Foremost comes to re-ornate me as I was. No big demands from my part, just that I want each and every son and daughter of mine to plant a tree. Make your own abode as beautiful as you want, but that you should do without polluting the dwelling of the free living creatures.

Many of my dear creature and beautiful plants have become extinct. It is in great agony that I recall all the lost treasure that I had. We cannot redo the past but at least we can let the harmony prevail for the rest….