Hemant Nav Kumar, President

Hemant Nav Kumar President

U Turn Foundation is a symphony of like-minded people working collectively for the greater good of the society.  

Voluntary service is an integral part of Indian culture and social customs. It blends holistically into the rich tradition, process of governance and value systems of the country. A bird’s eye view in social context marks voluntary organizations as the “third sector”, government being the first and market or private business being the second. This third sector can also be labeled as the “independent sector”, emphasizing the important role voluntary organizations play as an independent force outside the realm of government and private business. These three organizations collectively contribute to the development and progress mechanism of any country.

Non government organizations are an integral part of successful nations. “India” has a long tradition of social service, social reforms and voluntary agencies. We acknowledge the reality that “India” as a nation faces diverse range of challenges. It is here that U Turn Foundation must step in to perform its revered duty by supplementing the efforts of government and corporate sectors.

With prime focus on infrastructure, livelihood and education, U Turn Foundation is steadily working towards possessing the capacity to address areas of concern such as optimal utilization and development of renewable energy sources, forestry through formation of renewable energy associations at block level, water management and soil conservation, social welfare programs for weaker sections of the society, conservation of ecological balance and rural development, environment protection, health for all programs, implementation of minimal needs program, disaster preparedness and management.

U Turn Foundation endeavors to achieve greater grass root effectiveness, good governance, donor co-ordination, partnerships and comprehensive development framework. Improved communication and transparency continue to dominate functioning.

U Turn Foundation extends every effort and service to craft harmony between society, development and nature. It strives to reach deserving beneficiaries with much needed services, amenities, facilities and infrastructure.