The economy of Uttarakhand is predominantly agrarian as 78 % of its population is dependent on agriculture for livelihood. Land holdings are small and fragmented and irrigation facilities limited, especially in hilly areas, hence, contribution of agriculture is marginal in creating livelihood options. In spite of higher growth after formation of the new state, regional imbalances and lack of employment opportunities, especially in hill districts, continue to plague the social and economic fabric of the state.

In Uttarakhand the hilly landscape of the state and the scattered nature of the village population are an obstacle to the creation of strong social infrastructure. One of the worst problems from which education institutions located in rural areas of Uttarakhand state suffered is lack of infrastructure. Government colleges are running in rented buildings having two or three rooms without any sort of modern facilities: more students, less number of classrooms; no computer lab; no library facility; no common room facilities with indoor games; etc. Thus the colleges fail to provide minimum facilities for students. Quality of faculty, staff, students, library, laboratory, research and equipment has to be enhanced as Higher education plays the role of leadership in the society. Funds for higher education should be spent reasonably. Education system in interior parts of India is very weak, mostly in hilly areas like Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Chamba etc. Children come from far away to gain some knowledge. Gaining education is the only source of bright future for these students.

In urban Uttarakhand, the deprived sections of society like slums of Dehradun (26% population resides in slums) are also being neglected with school dropouts increasing every year. It is important that alternate education with focus on talent & skill development of the underprivileged children should be explored.  Talent & Skill Development as an alternate means of education would play the important role of livelihood to these children.

To address the education challenges of rural and deprived sections of Urban Uttarakhand, U Turn foundation has launched Project Revival and Any Body Can respectively.