Ward 38 is spread in an area of 10 kms with a population of 5000 plus. The area under Ward 38 covers Bannu School, Police line, A block, B block, C block,  Race course and Officers Colony, Dehradun. There are approximately 50 shops in the area.

The residents of green ward 38 were encouraged to plant a wide range of fruits bearing trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Such areas now serve as beautiful communal spaces which provide activities for children and youths to enjoy.

Cloth bags are being distributed to replace polythene bags. We are still spreading door to door environmental awareness. More and more shops are turning polythene free.

One beautiful park has been developed in the area. Drawing, painting and plays with theme of greenery are being organized in the schools under Ward 38.

In addition to encouraging the planting of healthy food through collaborative activities, the Green Ward 38 is seeking  to promote environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle. It is also revitalizing a sense of green community among neighbours and serving as a communal space for the local community to socialize.

 Greenery was identified as a potential project theme as it offers the opportunity to address challenges of declining green space and increasing environmental degradation due to harmful effects of polythene waste. In deciding a suitable micro-level project, the team shortlisted two possible options (Tree Planting and Polythene Bags free Ward).The Green Ward 38 project was chosen because it had greater potential for serving as an example for other wards to follow.